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China and the Netherlands strengthen bilateral relations

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The People’s Republic of China and the Netherlands are to step up their bilateral cooperation. The decision is outlined in a joint declaration following the State visit to the Netherlands by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. The Joint Statement on the Establishment of a Partnership for Comprehensive Cooperation confirms the intention of both countries to work together in a broad framework, focusing on political and economic issues, international developments and security, culture and science, and exchange visits. China and the Netherlands have also agreed to strengthen their existing dialogue on human rights, including through regular bilateral consultations. The Joint Statement also reaffirms the two countries’ mutual commitment to promote and protect human rights.

At the State banquet, President Xi underlined the importance of good relations with the EU and said that the Netherlands was China’s gateway to Europe. During the visit, contracts worth hundreds of millions of euros were signed with Dutch businesses, including KLM and the dairy sector. The Chinese president also attended an economic forum in Noordwijk, along with representatives from over 500 Chinese and Dutch companies.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte received the Chinese president at the Catshuis, where they discussed a range of topics, including global security, the economic situation and relations between the two countries. Also present were foreign minister Frans Timmermans, foreign trade and development cooperation minister Lilianne Ploumen, economic affairs minister Henk Kamp and education minister Jet Bussemaker. The meeting concluded with the signing of agreements on cooperation in the fields of energy and dairy production and on setting up a Chinese cultural centre in the Netherlands

At Keukenhof Castle, President Xi attended a presentation of Dutch agricultural innovations, including LED lighting for growing cheaper tomatoes, an ultra-modern manure processor and a milking robot. The event also featured technology for improving food security.

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