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Cameroon…Uncovering a Tourists Heaven

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————————————————————————————————————————–By H.E Mrs. Odette Melono, Cameroon’s Ambassador to the Netherlands

Cameroon stands out with a genuine identity. An identity reinforced with references such as “Africa in miniature”, “All Africa in one”, “the throbbing heart of Africa”, “Small Africa”, “the melting port of Africa” and “Africa in Microcosm”.  All these references for one country already tell you a lot of what Cameroon really is.  She concentrates all the beauties of Africa as one of the most culturally diverse countries on the African continent which valuates ‘the essentials of Africa’. This explains why people consider that nobody could truly discover Africa without having visited Cameroon, because it provides tourists with a unique spectacle giving them the impression that they are visiting several countries at the same time. It is a nation that expresses dynamism, diversity, modernity and traditions, stability, and calm all at once.

Although Cameroon is universally known for its football legends like Roger Milla and Samuel Eto’o, many are yet to discover Cameroon as a Tourist and cultural heaven.

Cameroon is characterized by several (sultry mosaic of) volcanoes, white sand beaches, black volcanic sand beaches, Waza National Park, Dja Fauna Reserve, Korup National Park, the once-powerful Mandara Kingdom from 1500s or the Diy-Gid-Biy with 300 years old stone monuments; the 3000 years old man made Rupestral Engravings of Bidzar, the Archeological Remains of Shum Laka; the Bafut Chiefdom etc.

There are rainforests with exceptional variety of flora and fauna, magnificent landscapes, the legendary 4100m high Mount Cameroon likened by Hano the Carthaginian navigator to the biblical “Chariot of the Gods”. There is the relation between tribal societies and modern cities, the cohabitation of traditional and democratic leadership, two official languages and more than 250 tribes and dialects.

Why invest in Cameroon

Peace is one of Cameroon’s priceless advantages. With a friendly and hospitable population, abundant natural resources, high literacy rate, investors easily find a ready-made labor force. Cameroon has 65% fertile agricultural land making it one of the best-endowed primary commodity economies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Cameroon maintains her long-stated goal to be an emerging market economy by 2035. Investors have opportunities in Agriculture and forestry, Energy, Mining, infrastructure, Transport, Telecommunications sectors etc, and benefit from a new investment code since 2013 given new tax incentives and exemptions on VAT and duties.

Cameroon’s 50th Anniversary of Reunification

The recent celebration of Cameroon’s 50th anniversary of Reunification this year consolidated Cameroon’s unity. On 1 October 1961, French and British administered Cameroons officially reunited after 45 years of separate administration. 1 October 1961 has tremendous significance as one of the most important dates in Cameroon’s history. This date beckons on all Cameroonians to accept, recognize and protect the various diversities in the country because it is a pacifying sign of inclusion and recognition…a sign that should be replicated in every facet of our daily interactions.

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