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Holland, theme year at Keukenhof

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The tulip is the distinctive icon of the Netherlands throughout the world. And as the Keukenhof’s theme for 2014 is Holland, it can do no other than give the tulip centre stage. Holland = Tulips = Keukenhof.

With its millions of tulips in thousands of varieties, the Keukenhof has been unparalleled for some 65 years. And as this year’s theme is Holland, the tulip will take even more of a starring role. A new interactive exhibition has been designed in the Juliana Pavilion on the history of the tulip, 17th Century tulip mania, today’s tulip as contemporary icon and modern tulip cultivation.

Authentic tulips from the 16th and 17th Centuries will flower in the renewed Historic Garden. The Walk of Fame will be home to recently christened tulips and tulips named after famous people, such as Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Andre Kuipers, Rob Verlinden and Hans Klok. And the highlight of the theme year, the flower bulb mosaic depicting an Amsterdam canal scene with a tulip as large as a canal house. The 23 x 13-metre mosaic is planted with 60,000 tulips and muscaris. The design symbolises tulip mania during the Golden Age.

Tulips from Amsterdam is known across the world. The typical Amsterdam atmosphere created in the Orange Nassau Pavilion includes, of course, an Amsterdam flower stall designed as backdrop for the flower shows. The Holland theme also highlighted in the restaurants, which include a traditional Dutch pancake restaurant. Events at Keukenhof are all about Holland, with Dutch music on 29 and 30 March, and a traditional Dutch weekend on 5 and 6 April. For the very youngest, Miffy – or Nijntje, the Netherlands most famous rabbit – will visit Keukenhof for Easter. And at Keukenhof on 26 and 27 April you can experience the Taste of Holland.


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