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Symposium on International Entrepreneurship

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Modern Migration Policy, making entrepreneurship work

By Roy Lie A Tjam, Editor.

On Tuesday May 13 2014, the European Investment Council (EIC) and the Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneurs (DCYE) in close co-operation with the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice hosted a symposium on international entrepreneurship. This unique symposium is to introduce the new regulation for ‘foreign entrepreneurs’ who want to start a business in the Netherlands.

The opening speech was delivered by Secretary of the Ministry of Security and Justice H.E. Mr. Fred Teeven. Prof. Robert Skeldonof the University of Sussex, delivered the Keynote address. Prof. Skeldon was followed by high level speakers from the European Commission, international institutes and relevant Dutch Ministries.The organizing committee consisting of;  Dr W.F van Eekelen(EIC) Nico Leerdam(EIC) Michel Bravo(Min.Sec&Jus),Wim  de Lier(DCYE) and Bonnie Xie(DCYE) could look back on another  successful MoMi seminar. The seminar was concluded with a reception.





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