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At the Kasteel de Wittenburg

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Ambassador Karim Ben Becher at the conference of the Union des Français de l’Etranger at the Kasteel de Wittenburg.


 By Drs. Eva Maria Mennes with the President of  UFE Véronique Uijttenboogaart-Jullian. 


At the initiative of the Union des Français de l’Etranger, the Union of French Citizens Abroad, a prestigious conference was held some days ago at the Kasteel de Wittenburg in Wassenaar. Before a large assembly of diplomatic personalities, international and Dutch officials, members of the UFE and Tunisian friends. Ambassador Karim Ben Becher presented with clarity and precision, historical and social elements of democratic transition that knows Tunisia since 2011. With a powerpoint presentation and music, photographs, films, and accurate documentation, we were able to get to know the changes of the events that the Tunisian people have gone through in the past two years. Exemplary and very specific transition in this region that places it among those capable in the Muslim world to move towards democracy, in peace and social order. Consensus and dialogue that characterizes this great institutional and constitutional change, now allow us to hope for a serene and constructive future for Tunisia and Tunisians.

A rich and lively debate followed the conference allowing people at the meeting to speak freely about sensitive issues such as gender equality in government or questions for the future of the youth, education and the culture of the population in their traditions.

In its mission, the President of UFE Véronique Uijttenboogaart-Jullian explained that the UFE presents a major annual conference on an issue focusing on larger subjects than the actual French interests, with a range of general interest and news, humanitarian, economic and environmental.

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