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Ambassador of Macedonia visiting Schermer Winemerchants & Distillers

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The new ambassador of Macedonia in The Hague, HE Mr. Igor Popov, has brought recently an official visit to Schermer Winemerchants & Distillers since 1782- in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Schemer Winemerchants and Distillers -since 1782- Hoorn exist 232 years this year, for the last 12 years as “purveyors to the royal household”. Last year marked a changing of the guards. Daughters Esther Ophoff- Blom and Tanja Philipse-Blom together with her husband Martin Philipse (viticulturist and liquorist) are continuing the century-old business that Paul Blom had taken over in 1982. All three have ample experience in this sector and are taking the business into modern time commerce. Schermer has been importing quality wines and spirits for many years from various wine-producing countries. They produce all the traditional Dutch gins, bitters, liqueurs, eggnog and Boeren Jongens (raisins on brandy).

This working visit was especially organised in honour of the new ambassador of Macedonia, HE Mr. Igor Popov. In this manner Schermer is shining the light on the importance of the seed-enhancement and development that is taking place in Seed Valley West-Friesland and in Macedonia. A joint-venture is to be set up to facilitate exchanges and trainee-internships for students. The guests were shown around the Seed & Agro Laboratory NHN of the Clusius College of Hoorn by Mrs Nancy Boterblom. Mr. Martijn Heddes of Iribov b.v. led the visit of this laboratory in Heerhugowaard and gave an account of their activities. Iribov is a service laboratory for companies in plant ennobling, plant increase and seed- enhancement. The most applied techniques are tissue-culture of plants, analysis through flow cytometry and molecular techniques. All participants were truly impressed by the exceptionally well organised day that, beyond the pleasant aspect, was also substantially informative and promising for future cooperation.

Also present during this visit Mrs Nancy Boterblom – Program Manager Biotechnology at the Clusius College Lab., Mr Bob Smit – Executive Director at the NL Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia, Mr Aart Ruppert – former alderman in Hoorn. Paul Robert Blom, Esther Ophoff-Blom, Tanja Philipse-Blom and Martin Philipse were representing Schermer.

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