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Meeting the OPCW AAA club

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By Aladin ALHmedawi, President of the AAA club, Special for Diplomat Magazine. 

The AAA Club is been formed few years ago, it is standing for the diplomat representing their Embassies to the OPCW. The AAA Club has a president; Mr. Aladddin AlHmedawi ( since September 2013) and 7 board members.

The Club organize gathering (almost once a month) hosted by one of the Embassies, also we have activities like football games, painting sessions, bowling and others, in order to introduce and meet  new colleagues.

At this gathering were representatives from different Embassies and members of the AAA club.

Mr. AlHemedawi opened this meeting with a welcome to the members, and offering to  the host Miss (Laura Rigutto/ Deputy of the Italian Ambassador) flowers for her hospitality ( as new culture of the club the flowers have the same colors of the National Flag of the host Embassy)

Mr. Szymon Bocheriski, ( Board member) distribute some certificats of merit were also given to the wining teams of the resent AAA football competition.BW Rec  004 BW Rec  006 BW Rec  009


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