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Embassy Festival coming soon !!!!

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A global & cultural melting pot against the picturesque backdrop of the Lange Voorhout

On Saturday, 6 September 2014 the second edition of The Embassy Festival takes place on the tree-lined Lange Voorhout in The Hague, an event that spotlights the many different cultures of The Hague through a bustling one-day programme featuring music, art, literature, dance, culinary delights and refreshing beverages. Festival- goers will be taken on a cultural trip around the world, beginning in the early afternoon with a varied musical tour spread out on two outdoor podiums. In addition, the festival will present the Creative Arena and several pavilions portraying the best and most typical international food, drinks and cultural highlights of the many countries that have made themselves at home in the international city of The Hague.

The musical programme offers a rich palette of currents from the most diverse countries. Two carrousel podiums will be resonating with different musical genres throughout the afternoon. The classical podium will feature international musicians enchanting their audiences on unique instruments. Pop fans can make their way to the pop podium on the other side of the festival terrain, where elements of jazz, singer-songwriter, indie pop, flamenco, folk and blues intertwine in an innovative and, at times unexpected, programme. On the wishlist of the festival organisation for some time now, the band LuzazuL finally makes an appearance at this year’s edition. Central to this impressive collective is Lisbon-born singer Magda Mendes, who, along with her band, performs a catchy mix of Portuguese fado, relaxed Brazilian melodies, rousing flamenco and Cape Verdean shades. Audiences can expect warm, passionate notes atop groovy, organic beats. In addition, the Dutch collective NO blues will be present a surprising combination of folk-blues with traditional Arabic music (arabicana). Both LuzazuL and NO blues have received rave reviews in leading Dutch newspapers. Paco Renteria, the Mexican virtuoso flamenco guitarist brings sunshine to the Lange Voorhout with his breathtaking artistic ability and striking compositions. He shared the stage with Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti and he musically enriched films such as The Legend of Zorro and Desperado. Many more inspiring acts soon to be announced!

The Hague has every right to call itself an international city. With the presence of the many embassies, NGOs and multinationals the city enjoys continuous interaction with the rest of the world. The second edition of the Embassy Festival shows a beautiful compilation of international culture that can be seen, heard and tasted in The Hague. The Embassy Festival is organised by PROOOST, the driving force behind the successful LIFE I LIVE Festival in The Hague.



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