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What is Food Fair?

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By Dr. Sjaak de Boer, Parish Priest.

The Parish of the Church of Our Saviour organises a large-scale charity event every year, which we call Food Fair. On the third Saturday in November every year our many different nationalities come together to prepare and sell their own national food specialities, wines, pastries etc. There is a huge bookstall and also handicraft, Fair Trade, jewellery and bric a brac stalls.

Each country or region takes pride in decorating the booths with national flags and colours and working together as a team. There are activities for children, such as face painting and other fun events. Our largest source of funds is from our raffle where local sponsors donate wonderful prizes. It is a great opportunity for everyone in the community to come together and volunteer their time and talents for a greater cause.

Not only does Food Fair promote community spirit, but it has a much deeper purpose, namely to take the proceeds (over €40,000 from the 2013 Food Fair) of the event and offer them to a range of charitable organisations operating around the world. Our parishioners are the ones who identify suitable projects to be considered and these have included such things as farming ventures, building, women’s support, street children education and rehabilitation of homeless people, to name just a few.

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