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What’s wrong with copying?

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By William Rumley-van Gurp.

I have been working with people using Microsoft Word through many versions and languages.  I have seen some strange results in a Word document.  What is the most common problem with Word documents is the idea that you build a new document with text from an old one. The older the source document the more trouble you can get.

The problem is that in the Word software program all the formats are stored with the text, but they are hidden from view.  These formats change from older version to newer versions of the software.  They are also different from one software program to another, such as Word Perfect to Microsoft Word.  All these formats need to be translated.

When you copy and paste you copy not only the text, but also all the formats and codes from the source.  This causes problems like, the text doesn’t lineup, or the styles will not match.  Sometimes you even get the ghost table effect over the text.

There is one solution to this and it is to Paste-as Match destination formatting, or paste as plain text.  Either of these options will let you have the text, without the formatted history.

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