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Princes Carolina of Monaco launched AMADE Netherlands

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Diplomat Magazine was specially invited to cover this event in Amsterdam.

By the Private Office of Pieter Bogaardt.

In presence of HRH The Princess of Hanover, Princess Caroline of Monaco AMADE Nederland was launched on the 7th of November in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. AMADE Nederland is a Dutch charity organization under auspices of AMADE Mondiale, the largest charity organization in Monaco, incorporated on the initiative of the late Princes Grace, since 1993 chaired by Her daughter Princess Caroline of Monaco, standing up for the most vulnerable children in the world regardless nationality, origin, or religion all over world trying to improve their surroundings in terms of healthcare, education and the protection of their rights.

AMADE Mondiale initiates aid campaigns independently or supports aid programs in cooperation with other aid organizations and operates through a network of local AMADE branches in several countries on almost each continent. AMADE Nederland is the latest branch, only recently incorporated on the initiative of Mr Pieter Bogaardt, member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of AMADE Mondiale in Monaco, and successfully launched at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Mr Pieter Bogaardt is also involved in the governance of AMADE Nederland as vice president.

Princess Caroline was accompanied by HE Gilles Tonelli, Ambassador for Monaco in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, and by Mr Pieter Bogaardt. The gala event was dedicated to the worldwide campaign of UNHCR, “Time to Act”, in support of the Syrian refugee children, with the aim of preventing a lost generation and breaking the barriers of access to education and health care, as AMADE has made a commitment to join this campaign. By the end of October last an AMADE delegation was invited by UNHCR to visit Za’Atri, a Syrian Refugee camp in Jordan in presence of Mr Pieter Bogaardt, Mr Jerome Froissart, Mr Aldo Verbruggen.

After the speech of Mr Aldo Verbruggen, president of AMADE Nederland emphasizing the urge of acting now in supporting the Syrian refugee children and perfectly illustrating by what he has seen when visiting Za’atri, Mr Daniel Endres, Director External Relations UNHCR, explained the role of UNHCR in this terrible conflict, the Syrian refugee children can do nothing about.

Other high representatives of UNHCR and high level Dutch guests from the financial, industrial and art scene attended the gala event as well.

Princess Caroline and all guests had the opportunity to admire the highlights of the Rijksmuseum before diner in the magical setting of the Gallery of Honor facing Rembrandt’s Night Watch, enlivened by light classical music of a Dutch string trio, “Het Spieghel” and a great performance of “The 7 Tenors” of London. The gala event ended with an auction of high quality items, such as a signed tennis racket of Novak Djokovic, a bronze sculpture of Arman, a beautiful sculpture of the Dutch well known Kees Verkade, a weekend in the London Bulgari Hotel and a weekend at Plaza Athénée in Paris, a bag of Gucci and a beautiful art work of the world famous Marc Quinn, “Toposphere”, led by Jop Ubbens, auctioneer and director of Christie’s Amsterdam. Thanks to the guests offering high amounts for the items, the auction was very successful!

The major part of the revenue of the event will be donated for the benefit of the Syrian child refugees in the camps in Jordan The other part of the revenue will be donated to an educational project of the Rijksmuseum giving Dutch children a chance to see the Night Watch before the age of 12.

Charity is a never ending story. With the contribution of donators AMADE hopes to make the life of some children a little better. Find out more about AMADE and visit the website (

December 1, 2014


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