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Sports Law ‘Lunch & Learn’ lecture series at Asser

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By: Thalia Diathesopoulou, T.M.C. Asser Instituut

The Asser Sports Law ‘Lunch & Learn’ lecture series, organised by The Asser International Sports Law Centre, aims to introduce participants to the most pressing questions in the field of international sports law, by giving the floor to outstanding academics and practitioners.

The latest ‘Lunch & Learn’ lecture was held on Wednesday 19 November with a presentation on “The new FIFA Regulations for players’ agents: De-regulation or Re-regulation?” by Dr. Roberto Branco Martins. Dr. Branco Martins, in his dual capacity as lecturer in Labour Law and Sport and International Sports Law at the University of Amsterdam and as the founder of Pro Agent, an organisation which represents supports and promotes the interests of licensed players’ agents, provided a comprehensive insight into the new FIFA Regulations on working with intermediaries.

By drawing a comparison between the new FIFA Regulations on working with intermediaries, which will be in force as from 1 April 2015, and the current FIFA Regulations on Players’ agents, Dr. Branco Martins expressed concerns whether the new Regulations lead to more transparency and efficiency with regard to the profession of players’ agents. Special focus has been put on the still unsettled interplay between the rules of FIFA, European law and international law. The presentation was followed by a fruitful discussion on the impact of this recent development on the professional football world, giving the opportunity to participants –in their majority legal practitioners and players’ agents- to engage directly with the speaker, raise their questions and share their experiences.

The next lecture of The Asser ‘Lunch & Learn’ lecture series will be held on 10 December. Mr. Stanislas Frossard, Executive Secretary of Council of Europe’s “Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport” (EPAS) will give a first-hand glimpse at the “Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competition”. Students, legal scholars, practitioners and, more generally, everyone interested in the integrity of sports is very much welcomed.

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