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Royal Concerts, smooth easy jazz party

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Valentina Beglaryan, announces the performance of The Royal Concerts, a saxophone and an string quartet accompanied in this occasion by Argentine tango’s dancers.

Valentine’s Day will bring passion, expression and emotion through love and music with the performance of The Royal Concerts, exclusive jazz and classical music organization, a unique synthesis of luxury, quality and art. The Royal Concert’s artists have successful recorded and performed on luxury events in Netherland and abroad. On February 14, they will bring to life, one more time, their exquisite repertoire and its own way unique interpretation.

Saxophone, singer and string quartet playing Argentine tango accompanied with the Europe’s best tango dancer couple will entertain during the event. In addition, fashion model show, champagne and caviar will be served.

Diplomats, lawyers, politicians, are among our special selection of guests.

To find out more about Royal Concert’s events and buy tickets, please contact Valentina Beglaryan  at 0031(0)70-7370575 / 06 46 954316 Email:  or visit the page

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