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Valediction – innovative Michael says goodbye

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By Roy Lie.

It was at Rootz Harbor Scheveningen where Michael Luhan, Head of Media and Public Affairs at the OPCW said goodbye last Friday to colleagues, friends and invitees as his seven-year stint at the organisation comes to an end.

Michael Luhan was hailed for his innovative vision and his sense of humanity with one colleague referred to Michael’s surpassing interest and care for war victims when these individuals came to the OPCW.

3108-699 NL DH Luhan

In his valedictory address, a former OPCW director who specially came over for this event stated that: ‘Michael is a major contributor to the Nobel Prize being bestowed upon the OPCW’. Michael Luhan and his wife will be taking up residence in Geneva with Peter Sawczak taking over in the OPCW role.

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