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Night will fall

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On the picture H. E. Haim Divon, Ambassador of Israel.

By Duke Michael of Mecklenburg.

On Tuesday 27th of January, the embassies of Israel, Denmark and the United States of America had organised a film evening theming the International Holocaust Remember Day.

It is 70 years ago that the imprisoned of Auschwitz were liberalised by the Soviet Union on the 27th January 1945. Many governmental and non-governmental organisations and communities were represented to remember together those most horrible times.

Timothy Broas USA

H. E. Timothy Broas, Ambassador of the United State of America.

Three emotive and respectful speeches were given first by H.E. Mr. Haim Divon, Ambassador of Israel, H.E. Mr. Timothy Broas, Ambassador of the United States of America and H.E. Mr. Ole Emil Moesby, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark.


H. E. Ole Emil Moesby, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The film called “Night will fall” was a striking movie, showing live-recordings of the Allies’ Armies as they enter concentration camps and what was done to those captured in ‘hell’. The camera operators filmed in and around the monstrous camps, the dead bodies piled up along streets, houses, in fields and the carrying of the bodies to the mass graves. Nowadays, it may be hard to realise or imagine the horror, but this film made it very clear with the many added pieces of live recordings and interviews of the ones who survived the camps or the war fields.


It was deeply touching to see the film as a German, whose stateless catholic great-grandfather, Duke Georg of Mecklenburg had survived one of these hells in which so many had died. One can conclude that human generations shall not generalise upon any group of people, whether Jews or Germans in order to spread hatred and destruction, but to create peace by accepting all as humans of equal people no matter what background one has.

Such terror shall never happen again.  


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