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The year 2015 marks the T.M.C. Asser Instituut’s 50th anniversary

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On 13 December 1965, the inter-university institute for international law, T.M.C. Asser Instituut, was founded. The moment was sealed when representatives from eight Dutch universities, signed the “Gemeenschappelijke Regeling” [Joint Memorandum of Association] in the fitting surroundings of the small court room of the Peace Palace in The Hague.

Throughout its 50 years of existence, the Institute has remained close to its inter-university origins. It has continually served and closely collaborated with its, now nine, university stakeholders in the areas of documentation and (fundamental and applied) research; providing for post-graduate education for professionals in the Netherlands and notably abroad; valorising research results through the organisation of a multitude of seminars, conferences, lectures and lunch & learn sessions as well as publishing scholarly work from both nationally and internationally acclaimed academics. Examples of these activities can be found on our website (

Celebrations have commenced. Our renewed Asser website was launched at the beginning of January as was our new inter-active community environment (

In line with our academic community organising mission, and in addition to our planned, regular Asser activities this year, we will also organise four unique symposiums where the focus will be on looking ahead at new perspectives and developments in the distinct areas of research covered by the Institute’s academic staff. These gatherings aim to engage a broad segment of the academic and other communities.

Thursday 19 March 2015 is the date to note for the Private International Law Symposium on International civil procedure and Brussels Ibis.

This one-day event will see several renowned speakers convene to analyse and discuss the changes the Brussels Ibis Regulation has brought to the current state of international civil procedure when it comes to forum selections clauses and the enforcement of foreign, as well as recent developments in the broader scope of private international law unification.

Should you wish to attend this symposium, please complete the online registration form. Programme details and registration information for the other symposiums will become available soon, but meanwhile save the dates:

23 April 2015: European Law Symposium Better Regulation in the EU revisited. Benefiting Business and Citizens

18 June 2015: International and European Sports Law Symposium 20 years later: the Legacy of Bosman.

15 October 2015: Public International Law Symposium International Legal Aspects in Countering Piracy

“Protecting fundamental rights in the international arena: public, private and European law perspectives” is the title of the book being prepared by the senior staff members of Asser’s research department. Here, colleagues will pool their strengths in realising this unique publication and critically assess how fundamental rights are protected in the international arena.

We will close this special celebratory year (date to be confirmed), by organising a festive gathering for all stakeholders and guests who have been and will continue to be important for our organisation and the work we will continue to perform.

Please watch our website for more information regarding our festive year and associated activities. Join the celebrations!



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