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Ottawa receives German Chancellor at the Hill

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By: Eugene Matos De Lara

Photographer: Brendon Dawson

I had the pleasure of attending the press conference delivered by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel, upon her arrival to Parliament Hill from Washington D.C. In the magnificent parliamentary press room adorned with German and Canadian flags, Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the German Chancellor to Canada.

The session focused mainly on the mutual decision to tackle issues in the Ukraine as well as diplomatic relations with Russia.

“Unfortunately, to this point in time Putin has rejected diplomatic means, he seeks to move his agenda forward through military violence,” said Harper.”We have provided a whole range of aid to our friends in Ukraine…we’ll look at all options, but obviously we’ll proceed extremely cautiously in partnership and in collaboration with all of our allies.” Meanwhile, Merkel noted that Germany and Canada have been cooperating on the issue and that she is grateful today’s diplomatic tour has resulted in Canada and the United States’ support in pushing for a diplomatic solution in the Ukraine.

Moreover, the discussion of Ukraine’s ongoing crisis will continue during the G7 meeting in Munich this coming June.

The press room was filled with both Canadian and German news reporters who all took turns asking both leaders questions ranging from issues with ISIS to domestic concerns. In addition, Canada’s encouragement of youth involvement in politics was seen by the large presence of the University of Ottawa Campus Conservative group thatsat in the second row during the welcoming conference.

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