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Celebration of the Day of Restoration of the Statehood of Lithuania

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By Roy Lie.

On the occasion of the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence, H.E, Mr. Darius Jonas Semaska, Ambassador of Lithuania in The Hague celebrated this memorable day with a saxophone music concert and a painting exhibition.

Mr. Manvydas Pratkelis saxophone, Vitiates Straizys keyboard and Raimonda Griksaite painter.

Lithuania Jazz 2

The celebration took place at the Chancellery on Laan van Meerdrvoort The Hague.

In his welcome remarks Ambassador Semaska explained that actually Lithuania is in an extraordinary position, the country has 3 National Days:

16th February – Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania

11th March – Day of Re-establishment of the Independence of Lithuania.

6th July – Day of State (Coronation of King Mindaugas)

Ambassador Semaska quickly invited the musician to start the (Vilnius Jazz) concert.

The guests were entertained with popular pieces such as In a Sentimental mood by Duke Ellington, Au Privave by Charlie Parker and much more. Drinks and snacks were served after the performance. Guest had the opportunity to admire the paintings by Raimonda Griksaite.

Lithuania Jazz 1




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