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Students engage with diplomacy

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By Joe Ray, Speakers Coordinator, Clio Conference 2015

On 30th April 2015, Clio, the study association of the International Relations programme at the University of Groningen, welcomed a number of diplomatic guests, professors and 150 university students to a conference entitled Diplomacy Unravelled: Power and Prudence in a New Era.

Many students of International Relations have a strong interest in diplomacy but few know its inner workings, and although frequently alluded to on the Bachelor programme at Groningen it is rarely examined in depth.

With this in mind, the conference was organised by Clio in order to explore in detail the various dimensions of diplomacy, allowing motivated students an opportunity to learn about the profession from an array of distinguished diplomatic speakers.

The conference was opened by Master of Ceremonies Mr. Jan-Willem Bertens, former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Central America, who captivated the audience with some enthralling anecdotes from his career on the diplomatic frontline. The keynote address was then given by His Excellency Mr. Håkan Emsgård, Swedish Ambassador to the Netherlands, who provided conference attendees with a range of insights into the unique aspects of diplomatic life which set the profession aside from other careers.

Mr. Emsgård was followed by Mr. Jan Pronk, former Minister and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Sudan, who emphasised with eloquence and passion the importance of diplomatic conciliation in the face of military conflict. Rounding off the plenary session was Ms. Désirée Bonis, former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Syria, who spoke of the many challenges encountered by diplomats when representing their countries abroad. In keeping with the conference focus on the modern age of diplomacy, Ms. Bonis also highlighted many of the changes which the diplomatic profession has undergone in recent years.

Mr. Tim Masselink - Copy

In the afternoon a selection of interactive workshops took place, enabling participants to engage in greater depth with the various aspects of diplomacy. These included Diplomacy and the Media, Diplomatic Negotiations, Commercial Diplomacy, Diplomacy and NGOs, Military Diplomacy and the Future of Diplomacy, and were led by a host of experts and distinguished professionals from the field.

All told, the conference proved to be a successful and engaging event for speakers and participants alike. Many of the latter were inspired, and ended the day with enhanced knowledge and an increased desire to enter the field of diplomacy themselves.

Ms. Désirée Bonis - Copy

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