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Pakistan National Day in The Hague

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Once again the Pakistan residence in The Hague catered one of the busiest receptions of the Year.

The National Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, known as Pakistan Day, Pakistan Resolution Day or Republic Day, was celebrated with charm, joy and opulence by H. E. Moazzan Ahmad Khan together with his wife H. E. Leena Salim Moazzam and hundreds of guest among them diplomats, Dutch politicians, Government officials from different ministries, members of the Dutch business community, academics, friends of Pakistan and members of the Pakistani society in The Netherlands.

The historic Pakistani residence, which was built more than 150 years ago, has been the official residence of Pakistani Ambassadors to the Netherlands since early 1950’s. While in Pakistan the Resolution Day is celebrated at large throughout cities and towns, in the magnificent Pakistani residence the atmosphere was effervescent.

After the reception the guests were invited into the splendid dining room to enjoy an exquisite buffet of Pakistani dishes.

H.E. Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Naqbi Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and H. E. Gabriel Aguilera Peralta Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala.

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