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La Fête Nationale Luxembourgeoise aux Pays-Bas

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By Roy Lie A Tjam.

On 22 June 2016, the Ambassador of Luxembourg, H.E. Mr. Pierre-Louis Lorenz organized a fabulous reception-concert on the occasion of the National Day of Luxembourg. The concert was by the Luxembourg jazz duo ‘Dock in Absolute’ Jean-Philippe Koch (piano) and David Kintziger (guitar bass)

The venue chosen for the reception concert was the Glazenzaal in The Hague. A similar event was earlier held in Maastricht. After the welcome words by H.E. Pierre-Louis Lorenz in Dutch/ Luxembourgeoise, the group Dock in Absolute interpreted the national anthem and the Wilhelmus the anthem of Luxembourg’s Royal House, distinct from the Dutch National Anthem, both sharing the same origin.

Spouses of Ambassador of Mexico, Spain, Tunisia, Cuba, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Philippines and Pakistan during the event.

Ambassador Pierre-Louis Lorenz further  added: ‘Excellencies, friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, leiw Letzebuerger I am happy to welcome you here in the Glazenzaal to celebrate with you our National Day. I shall be brief, not because there is little to say, but rather that there might be too much to say.

The last year was a good one for Luxembourg, we are out of the crisis mode and back to pre-crisis growth figures, even if there is reason to keep prudent and alert. On the European stage Luxembourg faced a difficult semestrial EU presidency, difficult because so many unexpected crisis moments opened up, but we succeeded to hand over the presidency gavel to The Netherlands in an orderly fashion and in good shape.

In a regional perspective, 2016 is for us the year of the Benelux presidency, a yearlong occasion where we try together with Belgium and The Netherlands to be as ambitious as possible, especially in a period where Europe doubts its own strength and future. Yesterday I celebrated with the citizens of Maastricht our National Day, a city which is inspired by the European spirit as much as my own country. Luxembourgers like to say that they have two fatherlands, a small one and a larger one, Europe, the Europe of the Union.

As much as we need our motherland that is the anchor which we call home, as much we need Europe to contribute to stability and security in the competition on the global stage. We cherish both and we want for both an inspiring future. Tomorrow, the 23rd , is the actual day we celebrate in Luxembourg, and if Luxembourgers can formulate a wish for that occasion, it would be to stay together united on our continent. I promised to be brief, and I would now like to let our two musicians continue.’

Laten wij nu naar Luxemburgse traditie proosten: / Let me now pronounce the traditional toast: VIVE LETZEBUERG / VIVE DE GRAND-DUC

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