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Venezuela National Day 2016

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H. E. Ms. Haifa Aissami Madah  and Mr. Wilhen Díaz Lara.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in The Hague, celebrated the country’s two hundred and fifth year of its Independence. Venezuela was one of the first Spanish-American colonies to declare independence.

The Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Wilhen Díaz Lara, of the Venezuelan Embassy, organized a reception at the Marriott Hotel on 5 July 2016 to commemorate this very significant event.

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H.E. Agung Wesaka Puja, Ambassador of Indonesia, the Ambassador of Malasia, H.E. Ahmad Nazri Yusof, the Ambassador of Algeria, H. E. Nourredine Ayadi, H.E. Taher Farahat, Ambassador of Egypt and Mrs Abir Ali, Charge d’affairs du Lebanon.

Large numbers of ambassadors, diplomats, Dutch civil servants and many others, came out to congratulate Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Wilhen Díaz Lara and H. E. Ms. Haifa Aissami Madah of the Permanent Mission of Venezuela to the OPCW-ICC. on this memorable day.

H.E. Abdelouahab Bellouki, Ambassador of Morocco, H. E. Karim Ben Becher, Ambassador of Tunisia and the Ambassador of Algeria, H. E. Nourredine Ayadi.

The Venezuelan duo, singer Elena Gil and guitarist Enrique Pinto, again stole the hearts of the audience. The repertoire consisted of popular Venezuelan and international songs.

The Ambassador of Australia, H.E. Brett Mason, H. E. J. S. Mukul, Ambassador of India and H.E. Petar Vico, Ambassador of Serbia.
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