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Kinuu Strategies launches as the boldest investment firm in Manitoba south

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Josh Giesbrecht and HRH Eugene Matos de Lara have successfully launched  an investor’s hub in southern Manitoba for those who wish to fructify in energy, land, real estate,  and strategic financial investment programs.

Diplomats from around the world are eager to begin dialogue with the firm while also seeing it as a viable ground to negotiate with Canadian Aboriginals.

Diplomat Magazine specialist on North American issues Steven Radic has noted that “people around the world are more aware of the cultural atrocities that have been committed towards Native Americans. Now however,  what seems to also be apparent, is the opportunity for private investors as well as nation wide overhaul investments on Indian Territory”. Furthermore he adds, “It is equally important for the negotiation table to be equitable. Mr Matos de Lara spoke to me yesterday on a phone conversation, and feels confident that the intermediary resources offered by Kinuu Strategies will benefit both investors and local communities in Manitoba in a way that ‘both sides will be equally heard and guided towards the best bilateral opportunity available'”.

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