Friday, June 9, 2023
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The Defence Attaché Association Annual Gala

The Defence Attaché Association in The Hague organized its annual gala dinner in October of last year, which had to be put on hold for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was dedicated to its members and specially invited guests, coinciding with the autumn briefing for the military attaches accredited to the Netherlands.

Mechanism Prosecutor on mission to Kigali

The Prosecutor is scheduled to meet with key Government officials, including Rwanda’s Minister of Justice Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja; Minister of Defense Major General Albert Murasira; Minister of National Unity and Civic Engagement Dr Jean-Damascène Bizimana; Prosecutor General Mr Aimable Havugiyaremye; and Inspector General of Police, Deputy Commissioner General Felix Namuhoranye.

Byblos – The World’s Most Ancient Port

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden hosted a major exhibition called ‘Byblos, The World’s Most Ancient Port’. presented around 500 artefacts from famous museums such as the Louvre and the British Museum, and also from the National Museum of Beirut.

Prosecutor Khan concludes visit to Ukraine

ICC Prosecutor Karim A. A. Khan KC concludes fourth visit to Ukraine: “Amidst this darkness, the light of justice is emerging” I have now completed...

Support to operation against cryptocurrency fraud in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Eurojust has assisted the Romanian and Moldovan authorities with dismantling a cryptocurrency scam that has resulted in at least 32 victims, who allegedly lost approximately EUR 320 000.

Jihadism in Europe: What to Expect

The jihadist threat in Europe is alive and evolving. Terrorist attacks in Spain, France, and Germany in the past months have shown common characteristics: low preparation, low planning, and poor but efficient execution.

The statue of Russian Empress Catherine the Great removed from its pedestal in Odesa

By Willy Fautré, director of Human Rights Without Frontiers On Wednesday night, Ukrainians removed the statue of the 18th-century empress of Russia Catherine the Great...

Pakistani Art by the North Sea

The Pakistan Embassy in the Netherlands has organized an exhibition of Pakistani contemporary art “PAKART”  in The Hague.

Scoring a Goal for Latin America and the Caribbean in Plastic Pollution Talks

Scoring a goal towards ending plastic pollution is in the best interest of Latin America and the Caribbean and regional positioning is of essence. 

Alex Whiting succeeds Jack Smith as Acting Specialist Prosecutor

Alex Whiting has succeeded Jack Smith to become the Acting Specialist Prosecutor of the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office

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