Friday, August 19, 2022
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Belgian Justice Ministry says prisoner swap deal not intended for specific person

Following controversy over the possible repatriation of an Iranian convicted of terrorism the Belgian Ministry of Justice says a bill on exchange of convicts is not intended for a specific person contrary to what critics say. 

Ukrainian tastes

Maria Yemelianova, wife of a Ukrainian diplomat now posted in Germany decided to create a cooking classes charity project.

Openness as Prerequisite and Essential Pillar of Reforms

Openness and transparency are considered among the most effective tools in the fight against corruption and its prevention. Uzbekistan reforms.

Philippines Independence Day Celebrations 2022

Strong democracy, sound economic fundamentals, and the Philippines' unceasing drive to work with its international partners hold the promise of a better Philippines in the years to come

Death penalty to be abolished in Malaysia

Following a debate that began in 2018, Malaysia’s cabinet agreed to reform the country’s criminal justice system. About 73 per cent of people on death row were convicted for drug offences. Other Southeast Asian countries continue to execute.

The Importance of Interfaith Dialogue Discussed in The Hague

Interfaith and Intercivilizational Dialogue, held a round table on "Interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Harmony." The event was organized ahead of the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

The UAE Ambassador, H.E. Jamal Jama Al Musharakh

Ambassador Jamal Jama Al Musharakh, UAE Ambassador to The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons presented credentials to the King on March 30th in The Hague.

Eurojust supports over 10 000 cases for first time in history

Eurojust supported 10 105 cross-border criminal investigations in 2021, reaching the highest number of cases since starting operations twenty years ago.

The Ambassador of Cuba, H.E. Ms. Anet Pino Rivero

H.E. Mrs. Anet Pino Rivero is the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. She presented her credentials to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander on January 26th, 2022. 

Kinuu Strategies launches as the boldest investment firm in Manitoba south

Josh Giesbrecht and HRH Eugene Matos de Lara have successfully launched  an investor's hub in southern Manitoba for those who wish to fructify in...

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