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Ambassador Anniken Krutnes said goodbye

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Pictured H.E. Anniken Krutnes and Ms Michèle Coninsx, President of Eurojust.

Ambassador Anniken Krutnes of Norway said goodbye to more than a hundred friends at an informal beach party at Scheveningen Beach. Among those in attendance were heads of diplomatic missions, heads of international organisations, judges from international courts, and friends from the academic, business and arts communities.

Ambassador Krutnes spent five years in The Hague, during which time she conducted important work for her country on both a bilateral and multilateral basis. In addition to political relations, Ambassador Krutnes focused on cultural relations and business links between Norway and The Netherlands. She was also accredited to Luxembourg and was responsible for bilateral relations with the Grand Duchy.

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DM Farewell reception HE Anniken Krutnes (12 van 13)
ICC First Vice-President Judge Joyce Aluoch.

She worked as Facilitator for Cooperation in The Hague Working Group from 2012-2015 which primarily involved leading negotiations on strengthening the cooperation between member states and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

As Facilitator, Ambassador Krutnes also initiated seminars in Dakar, Arusha, Accra, Buenos Aires and Cotonou with representatives from over 40 countries. Her proactive work was praised by the ICC, member states and other actors involved and has led to significant results in areas like witness protection, cooperation and improving capacity.

DM Farewell reception HE Anniken Krutnes (3 van 13)

Just weeks before leaving The Hague on July 7th, she signed an agreement on the enforcement of sentences between the Kingdom of Norway and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Under the agreement, persons convicted by the ICC may serve their sentences of imprisonment in Norway if so decided by the Court and accepted by Norway.

H.E. Ms Anniken Ramberg Krutnes presented her credentials to the Director-General of the OPCW on 10 October, 2011. There she played an important role in the UN/OPCW-led maritime operation to transport chemical weapons out of Syria.

DM Farewell reception HE Anniken Krutnes (9 van 13)
H.E. Brett Mason, Ambassador of Australia, H.E. Karim Ben Becher, Ambassador of Tunisia, Thomas John, Principal Legal Officer at The Hague Conference on Private International Law, H.E. Vjosa Dobruna, Ambassador of Kosovo and H. E. Maria Teresa de Jesus Infante Caffi, Ambassador of Chile.

Five wonderful and productive years flew by quickly for the Ambassador. Her farewell party took place at the beach pavilion were she used to stop after running over 10 km with her dog. The party was a delight, with wine, sangria and beers, diplomats in shorts and sandals, a great variety of Spanish tapas and many joyous anecdotes from the Ambassador’s tenure in The Hague.

A leading ambassador in many areas, a mother and consume sportswoman, Ambassador Krutnes has been appointed Norwegian Polar Ambassador with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo and Norway’s Permanent Observer to the Arctic Council. Diplomat Magazine wishes her and her family all the best.


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