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Indonesia Festivity

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By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Netherlands under the acumen leadership of Ambassador H.E. I Gusti A. Wesaka Puja, hosted the Indonesia Cultural Festivity or Gebyar Budaya Indonesia on  December 26th, 2016. Hundreds of guests descended upon Emplaza Hall, Rijswijk in order to participate in what could only be called an incredibly interactive and exciting way to end the year.

The festival helped to showcase the harmonious and rich aspects of Indonesian culture. The night began with a welcome address by Ambassador Puja who thanked everyone for attending; the following groups participated in the program: Stichting Peduli Seni, Ina Dance, Boi Akih Band, Leidhsche 1922, Bandit Band, OEsman Arif & Silvia van Santen Jazz Trio, Night Breaker and  Justin Palmeley.

Furthermore, as expected of Indonesian hospitality, several food stalls provided the vast number of guests with the range of savoury Indonesian dishes.

Gebyar Budaya Indonesia was the last event in the busy 2016 calendar (Culinary week Rotterdam, Film week, Jazz Festival) hosted by the Indonesian Embassy and it will certainly go down into history as an unforgettable day.


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