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“Welcome to Loosduinen”

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“Welcome to Loosduinen” walking tour and lecture, The Hague Bridge special event at the city district Loosduinen.

The Hague Bridge organised last week a walking tour through Ockenburg Estate ending at Kijkduin beach resort. Saskia Bruines, the Alderman of Loosduinen , friendly welcomed the group followed right after by a beautiful walk from Ockenburg.

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Lecture by Willem Post on the dynamics of Kijkduin and the 13th century legendary Wonder of Margaretha of Henneberg.

In Kijkduin a lecture about the history of the former village Loosduinen and the 13th century legendary Wonder of Margaretha of Henneberg was held by Willem Post.

Willem Post and ‘Margaretha of Henneberg’.

About The Hague Bridge

The Hague Bridge is a programme of the Municipality of The Hague. The Hague Bridge organises events to bring together locals and internationals, promote The Hague as the International City of Peace & Justice, and encourage city pride among the residents of The Hague.

Start walking tour from Ockenburg Estate to Kijkduin

This event is organised together with Den Haag Greeters, Hanneke Bessling (Licht op Loosduinen) and the Arie Molenkamp Stichting. The lecture is linked to the musical “The Wonder of Margaretha and the Birth of The Hague”, which will take place on 12, 13, 19 and 20 May in the Abdijkerk of Loosduinen (Dutch only). More information about this production can be found on


Pictures by Robert Robert Huiberts.

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