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Buren seminar Labor Law and Real Estate Lawyers

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By Roy Lie A Tjam.

Buren Law firm hosted a Law Seminar for Diplomats at Hotel Crowne Plaza The Hague on 8 June 2017. Some head of mission and representatives of embassies attended the session.

The objective of the seminar was for embassies to get acquainted with the services that Buren Legal, Notary and Tax provides to embassies and their relations. Founded in 1898, Buren is a well established, internationally operating Law firm with offices in The Hague, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Beijing, and Shanghai.

One of the speakers was Ms.Susan van der Kam, she elaborated on the following labor law points:

Phase I – Recruitment / Employment Agreement

Phase II – Probationary Period

Phase III – Sickness

Phase IV – dismissal

Phase V – pension

Buren also offers real estate services, Mr. Jonathan Gal held a presentation.

It has been a successful afternoon

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