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On the Qatar conflict

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The situation in Qatar right after the blockage is developing rapidly and new avenues on everyday issues are hurting the economy of the entire region including Saudi Arabia, the biggest supplier of goods and services to Qatar. Case in point, on the very first morning after the restricted measure, milk was nowhere to be found in Doha.

Generally, about 80% of dairy products come from Saudi Arabia; same day Qataris imported fresh milk and 4,000 cows arriving by air freight from Turkey and the Netherlands to fill it up the demand. Another 32, 000 cows came by sea in an unprecedented cow operation that greatly benefited the Dutch, and Australian producers among a couple of others suppliers in an effort from Qatar Government to ensure normal life in the country. To prevent an escalade of incertitude in the general population, imported milk from Turkey is subsidised and cost now ¼ of the price.

Some banks are retaining funds to owners going to withdraw large quantities to change it in US dollars. Travelling to Egypt usually a 3hours 45 minutes direct flight is becoming a long journey of 21 hours or more while people forced to travel via Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait or Jordan.

Diplomats had 48 hours to leave from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, also Qataris nationals from every field, notably many working in the oil and gas industry, business, students named. In no time families have been separated from each other, mix marriages, and visiting relatives are now in third countries waiting for news while the crisis is giving the blockage to a major human rights connotation.

The situation remains quite dangerous despite the efforts from Turkey and Kuwait to mediate a diplomatic solution helping to reduce tension in the Gulf. In the meantime, neighbours are translating the etiquettes from turkey for others to know what they are buying on the market.

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