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The wider Black Sea Region in the context of Euro-Atlantic Security

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On the picture H.E. David Dondua, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia ; Clingendael senior visiting fellow, Mr. Jan Marinus Wiersma; H.E.Konstantine Surguladze, Ambassador of Georgia to the Netherlands and Mr. Levan Khrokheli, Counsellor, Embassy of Georgia in The Hague at Clingendael.


By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Hague, 28th November 2017, Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in the Netherlands, H.E. Konstantine Surguladze along with the President of the Coalition for Defense Mr Ton Welter, organized a conference with the theme  “The wider Black Sea region in the context of Euro-Atlantic security – the view from Georgia” The venue of the conference was the Chancellery of Georgia in The Hague.The conference  focus was on addressing all internal and external threats that are facing Europe .

The keynote speaker at the conference was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia H.E. David Dondua. Mr.Dondua elaborated on the situation of the Black Sea Region. The Region is of strategic importance for Europe, it is part of the Euro-Atlantic security zone.

Moscou’s  Aggression against Georgia & Ukraine compels leaders in the Black Sea Region to defend it. 20% of Georgia is occupied by Moscou. Hence, Georgia is forging close contact with Turkey, Azerbaijan and is drawing closer to NATO.

Due to an educational program, 82% of the population supports Georgia’s NATO and EU agenda. During recent talks, the significance of the establishment of a trilateral Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey format was pointed out. A secured Black Sea Region is imperative!

Another speaker at the conference was Lt. Colonel (ret)Victor Remouchamps. He pointed out that Georgia is a potential NATO partner. He further related that Georgia is a valuable pillar in that part of Europe. Remouchamps express concern about the menace posed by Muslim extremists in the country.

A question and answer session followed the discourses. The Ambassador of Lithuania demonstrated his support for Georgia’s quest to attain Euro-Atlantic integration. The Ambassador subsequently touched on a European military presence on Lithuanian soil.

A well-attended conference,  several of Ambassador Konstantin Surguladze colleagues, diplomats, government representatives and friends, honored his invitation with their presence.

Yes, by all means, the conference gave a comprehensive overview of Georgia’s current security situation as well as the security threats facing Europe.

Minister David Dondua also visited the Clingendael Institute in The Hague.


Pictures by the Embassy of Georgia in The Hague.

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