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Andorran-EU goods accord

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Andorran Foreign Affairs Minister, Maria Ubach Font, during the press conference.  Picture by Government of Andorra.
30 June 2018, Principality of Andorra: the EU and Andorra have agreed to an accord to facilitate the free circulation of goods for the micro-state landlocked in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.
A highlight is a 30 years transitional period for tobacco, which shall remain outside the Customs Union’s regime. This being the longest span for a transitional period ever granted by the EU. After seven years, however, customs rights shall progressively be suspended. The tobacco industry is pivotal for governmental revenue, the economy, and the working world in Andorra. Other agricultural products shall enter directly into the customs union according sources from the the Andorran Foreign Affairs Minister, Maria Ubach Font, who is indeed pleased to have obtained thirty years to diversify the Andorran economy and depend less on tobacco revenue.
In return for the long transitional period, the Principality committed itself to applying European directives concerning tobacco, reinforcing the fight against trafficking, increasing the price difference of tobacco with Spain and ratifying the OMS agreement to fight tobacco addiction.
These discussions stand within the framework of the negotiations on the association agreement between Andorra and EU which began three years ago and is due to becoming more intense during the months to come, for the intention is to conclude the technical aspects from here to the end of 2018, or beginning 2019.
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