Sunday, October 2, 2022

New Specialist Prosecutor signs solemn declaration

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On the picture Specialist Prosecutor and Registrar.

Specialist Prosecutor Jack Smith  signed early September a solemn declaration that he would exercise his functions independently, impartially and conscientiously.

This is in accordance with Article 36 of the Law on Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office.

Mr Smith was selected for the position of Specialist Prosecutor in May 2018 after a process organised by the European Union and appointed by EULEX Head of Mission, Alexandra Papadopoulou.

Mr Smith signed the solemn declaration in the Registry of the Specialist Chambers in front of the Registrar, Dr Fidelma Donlon, who witnessed the signing.

Mr Smith is a US prosecutor with experience in both high-level political investigations and international criminal investigations.

He succeeds David Schwendiman, the first Specialist Prosecutor and formerly Lead Prosecutor of the Special Investigative Task Force, who stepped down at the end of March when his term as a US Foreign Service Officer expired.

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