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Iraq, Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy

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H.E. Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, Ambassador of Iraq.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Hague, 1 November 2018. Building a Stable & Prosperous Democracy in Iraq. Food Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Such was the theme of a one day conference organized by the Clingendael Institute and The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Netherlands. The venue was the Clingendael Institute and the Chancellery of Iraq for the afternoon session.

The conference considered reconstructing a prosperous Iraq after an epoch of conflict and how Dutch – government and private sector could assist and support Iraq to build a prosperous and stable future.

What is more, the conference paid special attention to the political, economic and security situation as well as specific needs such as water, agriculture and education.

Speakers at the conference were:

  • H.E. Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, Ambassador of Iraq
  • Ms. Nancy Ezzeddne (Clingendael)
  • Dr. Louise van Schaik  Head of Sustainability Research (Clingendael)
  • Mr. Tobias von Lossow (Clingendael)
  • Ms. Simone van der Post (Dutch MFA)
  • Mr. Wibo Schepel (BGC Shell)
  • Mr. Nick Reijmers (Boskalis) and other speakers.

Their contribution certainly contributed to the success of the conference. The conference was an assessment of the situation, further exploration will be imperative before embarking on any cooperation scheme between the Netherlands and Iraq.


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