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Brandenburg’s Premier honoured by Poland

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In the picture Ambassador Prof. Andrzej Przyłębski & Premier Dietmar Woidke – Picture by Embassy of Poland to Germany.

Thursday, 25 July 2019, Berlin, Chancellery of the Embassy of Poland to Germany: Brandenburg’s Premier Dietmar Woidke was awarded the ‘Grand Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland’.

The Polish ambassador to Germany, Prof. Andrzej Przyłębski honoured Woidke’s services in favour intensified German-Polish cooperation, especially in the border region as he highlighted during his allocution. 
The Order of Merit is Poland’s second highest civil award, however, it is reserved for foreigners. Woidke has been the Federal Government’s Commissioner for German-Polish Cooperation since 2014.

“It is thanks to him that we have made significant progress in cross-border security and police cooperation,” said Ambassador Przyłębski as per statement.

In addition, Woidke had initiated the German-Polish railway summit, which had led to concrete improvements in rail traffic. Moreover, Prof. Przyłębski praised the fact that the Berlin-Stettin/Szczecin line is now being extended as well as the youth exchanges undertaken at his initiative.

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