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Chile host Gabriela Mistral 130thAnniversary

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Thought of Gabriela Mistral’s life, poetry and prose

In the picture H.E. Ms. Maria Teresa Infante, Ambassador of Chile, Dr. Ricardo Cuadros and Ms. Edith Bergansius, President of the Hispanic Association of The Hague.

Celebrating the 130th anniversary of the birth of Gabriela Mistral, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945, the Chilean Embassy in The Netherlands together with the Hispanic Association of The Hague organized a conference dedicated to the work and life of this Chilean poet.

Ambassador Infante Caffi during her welcome remarks.

Numerous affiliates of the Hispanic Association of The Hague, as well as members of the Chilean diaspora and diplomats from Latin American countries, notably from Uruguay and Mexico, attended the celebration. During the event, the professor and novelist Dr. Ricardo Cuadros toured the life of the famous writer from her childhood in Vicuña, Chile to the final stages of her life that she spent in New York, USA.

Dr. Cuadros’ account for the writer, of whom he confessed is one of his favourites, was filled with deep knowledge, and by recounting her eccentricities, travels and constant relocations, her tragedies and style, as well as the anecdotes of her life unknown to most, the public attending the event was left truly captivated. 

“Gabriela Mistral’s work is rich, profound, contradictory with an extraordinary beauty; her poetry and prose are as deep and actual today as they were in her time. Her work is immense, since she was a prolific writer from an early age until her death. Her poems have been known since the age of 13, and she wrote for the rest of her life until her death. I definitely recommend re-reading Gabriela Mistral”, expressed H.E. Ms. Maria Teresa Infante Caffi, Ambassador of Chile to the Netherlands.

In her words of welcome, the Ambassador of Chile voiced her thanks to Ms. Edith Bergansius, the President of the Hispanic Association of The Hague, for organizing this memorable event and to the guests for their interest in the Chilean Nobel Prize-awarded writer.

Ambassador Infante Caffi and Edith Bergansius.

The Chilean ensemble “Santo Remedio” presented music and songs based on Gabriela Mistral’s poems through the evening. Moreover, Ambassador Infante organized a draw of many books for those who answered hands up questions about Gabriela Mistral works and life.  

Not least, as the Embassy of Chile catered for the guests with a selection of excellent Chilean wines, the pleasurable atmosphere was only amplified through the night. A great interest in Gabriela Mistral and her books was shown by people of all ages, who led lively discussions during the whole evening, and promised to come to the next event by the Spanish Association of The Hague, which is always a success. 

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