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Italian music and flavours at Europol

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Italian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Andrea Perugini, Italian pianist, Daklen Difato and Europol Executive Director, Ms. Catherine de Bolle.

“Italy is among the highest exporter of food products, naturally, the question of food safety becomes relevant. Europol, not only fights crime in Europe but also contributes to the safety of food-related products in Europe. The Italian Republic has been cooperating with Europol for a very long period and will continue to commit itself to the security of Europe. Tonight, with Italian food and music, we bring flavor to Europol!”
H.E. Mr. Andrea Perugini, Ambassador of Italy to the Netherlands.

By Wei Hung.

Italy blends history, culture, and music like no one else, a perfect balance in each of its dimensions. The Italian Embassy, in Europol, fashionably presented all three elements giving everyone not only a feast of flavors but a feast for our ears as well.

Ambassador Perugini during his welcome remarks.

Among our audience, diplomats representing various Embassies and Mrs. Catherine De Bolle, the Executive Director of Europol were present. During Daklen Difato‘s performance, he serenaded the audience from contemporary Italian music into Schumann’s romantic era.

The young Italian prodigy played a handful of masterpieces such as Chopin’s Fantasia op.49 and Prokofiev’s Sonata n.7 op.83. He was, without a doubt, the spotlight of the night.

Ms. Catherine De Bolle, Europol Executive Director.

He started playing the piano by the age of seven and attended the Conservatory of Music “E.R. Duni” in Matera by the time he was eight. Moreover, he graduated from the musical conservatory at the age of 13 (with 22 being the norm)! His remarkable achievements could be seen all around the globe, from Tel Aviv, Nice, The Hague, to Washington DC.

Difato’s music performance not only reverberated through these cities but also in our ears tonight, a truly mesmerizing experience. In an exclusive interview with Difato himself, he told us he never actually pictured himself going professional, not to mention, perform at all these big cities.

However, he embarked on this musical journey when his teacher realized his potential and talent as a pianist.

Daklen Difato, Italian pianist prodigy.

But, the piano is not his only passion, he is currently also a student of aerospace engineering, who enjoys mathematics as much as the piano, and hopes to pursue both his musical career and aerospace engineering side by side.

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