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Instilling Dominican Public Diplomacy in Uruguay

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In the picture the Minister Counsellor Dr. Eugenio Matos, Dr. Maria Azpiroz and Ambassador Luis Arias Nuñez.

Under the sponsorship of Diplomat Magazine Netherlands, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay and the International Public Diplomacy Council, in collaboration with the Dominican Embassy in Montevideo, was hosted on November 28th a lecture entitled “Public Diplomacy for Developing States”, which took place in the National Library of Uruguay.

The guest speaker was Dr. Eugenio Matos G, lawyer, violinist and Dominican diplomat with a successful career in the field. He was awarded in 2018 by the School of Law of the University of Ottawa for his contributions to the investigation and practice on public diplomacy. One has to recall that Dr. Matos was Minister-Counsellor for the Dominican Republic Embassy in The Hague (2009-2014), currently in Ottawa, Canada. 

The introductory words were given by Dr. María Azpiroz, Director of International Relations of the prestigious Uruguayan University ORT. “The Dominican expert will discuss for the first time in Montevideo a cutting-edge issue on the study and practice of public diplomacy, with particular impact on the foreign ministries of the Dominican Republic and Uruguay,” said Dr. Azpiroz.

The Dominican Ambassador in Uruguay, Dr. Luis Arias Nuñez, academics, jurists, members of the Dominican diaspora in Montevideo and special guests atended the event which was followed by a reception.

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