Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Public diplomacy

Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication

By Dr. Eugenio Matos G. A few ministries of foreign affairs (MFA) have effective departments with professional public diplomacy (PD) and strategic communication staff. Both...

Leonardo Royal Hotel and Diplomat Magazine, ten years of great collaboration

Diplomat Magazine and Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague celebrate 10 years of successful collaboration in hosting diplomatic events and delegations. The hotel's location, facilities and proximity to many embassies in The Hague have made it a popular choice for overnight stays for many visiting diplomats. The hotel hosts dozens of diplomatic events, including Food Festivals in collaboration with embassies and the Diplomat Magazine, National Day receptions, press conferences, business lunches and other get-together events for the diplomatic community. The hotel has also renovated its lobby and kitchen, and is building a live cooking unit for live cooking during breakfast, demonstrations or for future food festivals. Quality and flexibility have been some of the main keys to the hotel's success in hosting diplomatic events.

Revolutionizing Traditional Diplomacy

Public diplomacy comes to renew the bureaucratic, passive and hermetic traditional diplomacy.

Cultural and Art Diplomacy – The Example of Portugal’s Consulate-General in Newark

Art Diplomacy, within the broadest context of Cultural Diplomacy, constitutes the central core of this article. The importance that Portugal currently gives to said types of Diplomacy warrants particular attention in this work. The emotional aspect of Art Diplomacy and its implementation are highlighted in this article, through exclusive interviews with Portugal's Consul-General in Newark and with the representative of the Camões Institute in that same U.S. city, taking into account not only immigrants comprising the Portuguese community together with people of Portuguese descent, but also American citizens.

Instilling Dominican Public Diplomacy in Uruguay

In the picture the Minister Counsellor Dr. Eugenio Matos, Dr. Maria Azpiroz and Ambassador Luis Arias Nuñez. Under the sponsorship of Diplomat Magazine Netherlands, the...

Qualities of a Good Diplomat

By H.E. Dr Hisham Al-Alawi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to The Netherlands. History of Diplomacy:  Diplomacy is a profession like medicine or law;...

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