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The Art of Arabic Calligraphy at the NDSM-Fusion Amsterdam

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Art exhibition 20 years Anniversary of Paint a future in Amsterdam

Ms. Hetty van der Linden, director and founder of Paint a Future , together with curator Ms . Lego lima, prepared an absolute unique calligraphy Art Exhibition in NDSM-Fuse Amsterdam, celebrating the 20 years Anniversary of Paint a future in Amsterdam.

Professional artists and professors from The Calligraphy Center in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates coming from the calligraphy world of the UAE, Mexico, Iraq, Lebanon, Japan, Netherlands, and Iran have painted a sail for this event.

Myriam Kruisheer. The Calligraphy Center in Sharjah.

Myriam Kruisheer, a renowned artist, working and promoting Cultural diplomacy for the last decade specially the Arabic calligraphy among other art forms all over the world in a pivotal figure in the promotion of the exhibit.

Other Artists from Brazil, Guatemala, Denmark, Spain and some others are presenting their work at the NDSM-Fuse Amsterdam. The remarkable exhibit shall be remaining open until June 30th.

The Calligraphy Center in Sharjah.
Calligrapher in UAE.

For additional information:

Contact Number: Exhibition &  Sail a Future 31 6 53 23 56 25 

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