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Uzbekistan Plov Extravaganza in Brussels

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In the picture Uzbekistan Embassy’s Chef Mr. Nigmat Rakhmov together with H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

H.E. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels, also accredited to the Netherlands, organized an Uzbekistan cooking workshop and demonstration to offer diplomats and others an opportunity to explore classic Uzbek cuisine.

The demonstration was held on the lawns of the Embassy in Brussels on July 17th 2020. This amazingly gorgeous garden proved to be a perfect backdrop for the demonstration.

Guests to Uzbekistan plov event.

The event featured the Embassy’s Chef Mr. Nigmat Rakhmov who prepared the world famous Uzbekistan Plov/Pilav. However, interestingly it should be noted that the authentic name of the dish is Osh.

You will find different versions of Plov/Pilav/Pilaf in other countries such as Iran, India, Turkey, and Central-Asia. The dish can even be found in the Caribbean region as well, for instance in the islands of Martinique and Grenada. It is often debated that Trinidad &Tobago has the best Plov or “Pelau” in the Caribbean. Even though versions of this dish can be found in many parts of the world, the precise country of origin of Plov is not known.

Guests from the Netherlands.

Chef Nigmat Rakhmov delivered an excellent Plov. It has been a tremendous delight to observe food fans from different quarters of the globe enjoying classic Uzbek Plov.

Ambassadors of Kyrgyzstan, H.E. Mr. Muktar Djumaliev, Tajikistan, H.E. Mr Erkinkhon Rahmatullozoda and the Ambassador of Uzbekistan, H.E. Mr Dilyor Khakimov.

The guest list consisted of Ambassadors of Kyrgyzstan, H.E. Mr. Muktar Djumaliev, Tajikistan, H.E. Mr Erkinkhon Rahmatullozoda, diplomats, and representatives of the Belgian MFA, business people from the Netherlands and Belgium as well as various other guests.

The host of the gathering, H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov, Uzbekistan Ambassador could look back on that successful event with pride as being the perfect example of exposure of Uzbekistan Food Diplomacy.

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