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Georgia as ITB partner 2023

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Ambassador Levan Izoria and CEO David Ruetz – Picture by Embassy of Georgia to Germany.

Thursday, 6 August 2020, Embassy of Georgia, Berlin, Germany: Georgian Ambassador Prof. Dr. Levan Izoria held a working meeting with the head of ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse), David Ruetz. Focus of the conversation is Georgia’s preparation to be partner country for the fair’s 2023 edition. 

The ITB is held annually in Berlin, and holds the station of being the world’s largest travel trade fair. In 2020 it had to be cancelled at the very last minute owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it is expected to be held again in 2021, even if in a smaller format. 

In 2019, the number of international arrivals to Georgia reached a record high of 9.3 million people. Georgia is particularly marketing itself as an eco-tourism destination as well as a country for wine lovers. Currently tourism income represents almost 7% of the country’s GDP with a revenue of approximately 3 billion USD. 

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