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The Austrian Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Astrid Harz

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Her excellency Astrid Harz is, as of September 10th 2020, the credited Austrian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Permanent Representative to OPCW.

Her excellency Astrid Harz, has been nominated on August 3rd, by her Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Austrian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Permanent Representative to OPCW. Before, having an impressive career in the diplomatic field, Astrid Harz started as a TV-Presenter at the Austrian Broadcasting Company. Then, she worked as a Junior Professional Officier at the UNDP Praia.

Astrid Harz initiated working in the diplomatic field in 1994 as a Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attachée. After that, she was the First Secretary in EU Affairs at the Austrain Embassy in Rome. Amongst other positions, she was been Press Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Paris and the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome. In 2005 she was the Austrian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

From 2011 to 2015, she was the Austrian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq. Then, she worked as the Director at the Department for Environment, Energy, Transport and Telecommunication at the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.

From 2018 to 2020, Astrid Harz, worked for the Federal Chancellery of Austria. She was first in the Department for the European Council, the General Affairs Council and COREPER II as the Deputy Director General for Coordination and then as the Action Director General. Soon after that, she was Deputy Director General for EU and Institutional Affairs. 

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