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The Mechanism Registrar hosted talks in Arusha

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The Mechanism Registrar meets with the President of the East African Court of Justice and the Arusha Regional Commissioner

Arusha, 24 September 2020 – In the spirit of promoting greater collaboration and partnerships between the Arusha Branch of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (“Mechanism”) and other judicial institutions hosted in Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania, as well as the local authorities in Arusha, the Registrar of the Mechanism, Mr. Abubacarr Tambadou this week paid courtesy visits on the President of the East African Court of Justice (“EACJ”), Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, and the Regional Commissioner of Arusha, Honourable Iddi Hassan Kimanta on 22 and 24 September 2020 respectively.

In welcoming Registrar Tambadou back to Arusha, Honourable Kimanta congratulated him on his recent appointment by the UN Secretary General as Registrar of the Mechnism and re-assured him of the continued support to and collaboration of the Arusha local authorities with the Mechanism.

Registrar Tambadou reiterated his gratitude for the excellent support and cooperation that the Mechanism and its staff continue to receive from the Arusha local authorities particularly on law enforcement. In this regard, Registrar Tambadou informed the Regional Commissioner that the Mechanism will, in the coming weeks, be handing over a newly constructed Police Post for the Arumeru District to be located in the Kisongo area in order to facilitate the Police support to the Mechanism and the area at large. 

IRMCT Registrar, Mr. Abubacarr Tambadou and the Regional Commissioner of Arusha, Honourable Iddi Hassan Kimanta

The Regional Police Commander for Arusha, Mr. Salum Hamduni, and the Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr. Richard Kwitega both graced the meeting.

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, Registrar Tambadou paid a courtesy visit on the President of the East African Court of Justice (“EACJ”), Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja. President Ugirashebuja congratulated Registrar Tambadou for his recent appointment as Registrar of the Mechanism and reiterated the good cooperation between the EACJ and the Mechanism. The EACJ President expressed his gratitude to the Mechanism for the leadership role it has played in fostering partnerships between the international and regional judicial institutions in Arusha.

On his part, Registrar Tambadou thanked Dr. Ugirashebuja for the warm welcome accorded him and reiterated his commitment to strengthen the strong bonds of partnership that already exists between the two institutions. The visit was concluded with a tour of the EACJ premises.

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