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Bavarian and Austrian exchanged on border crossing

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Dr. Florian Herrmann & Karoline Edtstadler – Picture by Bayerische Staatskanzlei,

Tuesday, 27 October 2020, Munich, Free State of Bavaria, Germany: State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann, Head of the State Chancellery and Minister of State for Federal and European Affairs and Media received at the Orangery of the State Chancellery his Austrian counterpart, Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister at the Austrian Federal Chancellery in charge of European Affairs, and the Constitution. 

The encounter focused on finding suitable solutions for “local border traffic” between Bavaria and Austria based upon the joint understanding that the level of infections of Covid-19 are currently worrisome; hence prudence and caution are, and shall remain the top priority in the fight against the virus and common policies. 

At this time, Germany has designated the Austrian states of Vienna, Vorarlberg (excluding the enclave of Kleinwalsertal), Tyrol (excluding the enclave of Jungholz), Styria, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Burgenland as risk areas during the pandemic.

After the meeting between the two heads of European affairs, it was agreed that the border between Bavaria and Austria is to remain open, however, it is asked for people to return to Austria within twenty four hours. 

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Austrian Federal Chancellery, European Affairs:

Austrian Embassy in Germany (HE Ambassador Dr. Peter Huber):

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