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European tourists adore exploring the Sultanate of Oman. Annually Oman attracts a large number of Dutch tourists. Oman is distinguished by its beautiful beaches, golden sands and its majestic mountains. Oman also combines originality and modernity and thanks to the Renaissance, many projects have been realized, including modern roads, high-end hospitals and elegant hotels spread across the Sultanate. Several entertainment programs are adapted and adjusted to the tourists needs and expectations as diving, mountains climbing, desert cars racing and also camel racing.

It is not surprising to see four-star hotels in the middle of the desert, fascinating lovers of nature and adventure. The tourist finds everything he loves, a sea, a mountain and a desert. On top of the natural beauty we should not forget the traditional souks as in Mutrah and Nizwa with their silvery handicrafts and all kind of souvenirs which charms the visitors. Souks are filled with spices, frankincense coming out of beautiful burners. There is the taste of sugar cane, coconut and strong Arabian coffee.

Visit Oman

We are convinced that any visitor of the Sultanate longs to return back not only because of the beauty of the country and its fascinating landscapes but also because of the warmth of the reception and the openness and generosity of the Omanis. Omani hospitality begins with a friendly handshake and a nice big warm smile and knows absolutely no boundaries when it comes to winning hearts. Your trip will be truly memorable.

Home to immense mountains, dramatic coasts and desert oases, tourists can experience completely diverse landscapes all in one country.

Oman is unique in its greatly contrasting landscapes, we are absolutely convinced and sure that all these great opportunities to live and experiment are not to be missed and will be revived after these very difficult pandemic times.

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