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Lockdown Journeys – Recipes from around the world

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By H.E Phoukhong Sisoulath, Ambassador of Laos to Belgium, the Netherlands and the EU.

The book ‘Lockdown Journeys’ written by Dr Pick Keobandith is really interesting and will be handily available for all those who would love to try, and to cook, different foods famously unique for the cuisines and cultures of some 60 countries in different parts of the world.

The full lockdowns during the first wave of Covid-19 created so many difficulties and challenging times for most, if not all countries, but the author has creatively tried to turn the darkness into light and has truly succeeded by taking all of us, readers under lockdown, “out to different parts of the world” to enjoy the local cultures and unique cuisines.

It is with pride also that the author, Dr Pick Keobandith, who is originally from Laos, has put her tremendous effort and time in creating this book, where Laos, Lao cuisine and Lao culture are also well presented and represented. This unique book is truly an asset for cultural diplomacy from the perspective of sharing the recipes and local traditions of cooking of many peoples, many nations. 

‘Lockdown Journeys’ is useful and helpful in the exchange of different cultures and traditions, fostering international, people-to-people solidarity, mutual understanding and support in overcoming the difficulties facing different countries and people around the world. The pandemic of Covid-19 is unfortunately still around and posing serious threats, forcing many countries to be in partial or full lockdown. This book continues to be relevant and useful to all during these difficult times and even afterwards when the pandemic will, hopefully, be fully defeated. 

Let’s see New Year 2021 as the year of hope!

My best wishes to all, particularly the readers of ‘the Lockdown Journeys’, for a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year! Enjoy the taste of the world’s different cuisines, and please do try to cook and taste the Lao food!

My congratulations and sincere appreciation to Dr Pick Keobandith and best wishes for happiness and the greatest success to her in the New Year 2021!

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