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Diplomat Magazine
Diplomat Magazine
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The Corporate Sustainability Review

The CSR 2020 Edition available online

In this CSR’s edition a group of experts examine how the Caribbean is addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, and the impact of the pandemic on critical issues of food security, health care and social inequity – particularly in access to online education.

Digitisation also features in trade as manufacturers reposition for SME growth; and in Guyana Technip-FMC is contributing to skills development as the energy sector takes shape.

Hear from leaders…

  •  Lawrence Arjoon, new CEO of the Heroes Foundation
  • Ambassador Patrick Gomes speaks on the ACP States and SDGs
  • Diana Francis of IICA speaks on Food Security
  • The TTMA is leading the conversation on export growth

Corporate Stories…

  •  Atlantic’s response to Covid-19
  • ANSA McAL pulls together as family
  • bpTT’s million-dollar drive amidst the pandemic
  • NGC tackles sustainability  
  • Shell T&T transforms stakeholder relationships
  • Nestle focuses on health and well-being

Opinions & Features…

  • Integrating The SDGs into Corporate Sustainability Strategy – from Kyle Santos
  • CARPHA’s holistic response to Covid-19 – Saarah Khan
  • Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation – from Juanita Headley
  • Sustainable Food Business at Adam’s Bagelry – Tisha Mahraj  

And more…


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