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Geopolitical Genesis Strategic Monitor 2020-2021

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Yesterday, HCSS and the Clingendael Institute presented their Strategic Monitor, “Geopolitical Genesis: Dutch Foreign and Security Policy in a Post-COVID World”, providing insight into trends and developments in world politics.

The two Dutch think tanks stress that the time is now for Europe to adopt a more assertive geopolitical stance as a nascent world power, this being the only way to safeguard the Dutch and European interests and values.

 Download the Strategic Monitor here
The report describes six major challenges that the Netherlands and the EU will face in the post-corona world over the next ten years, and provides recommendations for Dutch foreign and security policy to meet these varied challenges.

These recommendations provide a global blueprint for future Dutch foreign and security policy, both to help strengthen the EU’s status as a burgeoning global power and to effectively tackle the complex challenges of today and the next decade. 
“This Strategic Monitor underlines our own analysis and makes the need for Dutch investments in security and therefore also in defense crystal clear,” Minister Bijleveld commented. “This cabinet has taken a good first step, but more is needed. We must not look away from the growing threats and changing relationships in the world. We must face it and act accordingly.”
Researchers Danny Pronk and Jack Thompson from the Clingendael Institute and HCSS presented the Strategic Monitor “Geopolitical Genesis: Dutch Foreign and Security Policy in a Post-COVID World” to the Minister of Defense, Ank Bijleveld, who also received it on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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