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Ambassador Sergei Netschajew calls for the recognition of Crimea’s right to self-determination

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Premier Kretschmer and Ambassador Sergej Netschajew – Picture by Sächsische Staatskanzlei.

Thursday, 18 March 2020, Berlin, Germany: In an article written for the Berliner Zeitung, Russian Ambassador in Germany, HE Ambassador Sergei Netschajew called upon the European partners ‘to recognise the legitimate choice of the multinational people of Crimea’ in re-joining Russia. 

In his column, he emphasised that Crimea is a dynamic Russian region. He recalled those events in 2014 that resulted in reunification, when the Ukrainian opposition signed comprehensive political agreements with Ukraine’s legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych under the auspices of Germany, France and Poland.

However, these were broken by the Maidan supporters, leading to widespread rioting: “This has happened with the tacit approval of the European mediators and the EU. No one has raised their voice to urge the parties to respect the agreements.”

Of all Russian regions, Crimea has been affected most severely by the destructive foreign actions. A great deal has been recently accomplished in this sphere by the Russian authorities and the Crimeans themselves.

The Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea on the ‘Accession of the Republic of Crimea in the Russian Federation and on Forming New Constituent Entities within the Russian Federation’ was signed on March 18, 2014.  

The Crimean Spring and the free vote at the referendum in Crimea, which was a fine example of the right of peoples to self-determination sealed in the UN Charter and the Declaration on Principles of International Law, allowed Crimea to reunite with Russia.

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