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Cartier invites you to rediscover iconic collections

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Cartier began 2021 with an international campaign devoted to its iconic designs. For this new campaign, Cartier invites you to (re)discover the diversity of its iconic collections – SantosTankTrinityLoveJuste Un ClouPanthère and Ballon Bleu through a series of images. 

They reflect Cartier’s stringent standards and design vision that have led the Maison to the constant quest for the perfect form based on the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions and the precious details.

By bringing these collections together for the first time, this campaign pays tribute to the line which is powerful, clean and precise, like those of a designer, born from a vision and an intention. Thus, it raises design to the rank of culture, by creating objects that remain desirable over time.

Cartier icons

“Cartier is a pioneering house, in constant creative exploration. This campaign demonstrates the Maison’s ability to create cult designs that stand the test of time, objects that are at once immediately recognisable and bear witness to the past,” said Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s Marketing and Communication Director. “The simplicity and strength of these images allow us to celebrate a unique collection of cult design creations that have earned a place in the history of jewellery and watchmaking, and in the hearts of our customers.”

The campaign alternates between featuring all the collections and each one individually. It was unveiled on 6 January2021 in the international press, on the company’s social media platforms as well as on the website,

In doing so, the Maison continues to keep the history of these pieces alive. Indeed, the remarkable, pure designs make it a unique collection. 

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Images courtesy of Cartier

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